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It wasn’t an easy journey for me and started from very low. I was denied by most all things like delicious foods, toys, etc. Life is hard, and we knew that living in this world won’t be easy. All of us had struggled and went through a lot, but we don’t need to give up. We have to keep fighting and keep telling ourselves that it will all go to be worth it. We have to keep being positive in life to avoid being carried away by the storms of life. It was a little beginning for me and thanked God all the things I dream before is on my fingertips. Perhaps I realized that God maybe gave us hard battles because he reserved something great for us. He gave us problems to mold us to become a strong person. He was always there even we thought he is cruel to us.

Sometimes, it is not God, and maybe it is us. Prayers can move mountains, but we have to join it with hard work and determination. God must only guide us, and at the end of the day we do the job, and he will bless. I almost gave up my life before, growing up in a low-income family is hard. Initially, we came from India because my mom is half Indian. My parents decided to stay there when my mom impregnated our eldest which is my brother. We are five siblings, and people thought there that Americans were wealthy and that is why some Indians do not fairly treat us. My dad business went down, and they struggle hard to earn money. Some people take advantage, without their knowledge we are fighting too. Some asked for too much, just like fair and other necessities. They don’t give us a discount even we are loyal customers.

Our life in India keeps worsening as our family grows. I am the second in the family, and I was there when my parents were not treated well. There was a time, my dad is begging to debt with a certain Indian businessperson, but he was spit and made fun. They also asked dad to do funny things to owe a little amount of money. But because my dad has no choice before, he made himself funny in the eyes of them to provide us with food. Sometimes, we experience to starve ourselves when dad and mom have no earnings for a day. Even though we are difficult in life, they had able to send us to school.

Even in school, we experienced being bullied by other children, teases day by day. Sometimes I want to stop school, but my father won’t allow me. He always told us that education will only save our life and gives us a good future.

I always wish to get away with this place because I am emotionally abused. And then one day, dad received a call from one of his friend in London. He offers dad to work on his company and will shoulder all the expenses on going there. It was a wish granted for me, all of us will fly to London and began a new life.

I am so excited to see how London looks like; I already received my Visa with my name Lexus on it. I always look at it every time I feel alone and bored. After all the bullies I experienced I can finally say goodbye to this country.

I am so excited, and this is the day of our flight. We are fetching by the staff of my dad’s friend and brought us to the mall for lunch. I was so amazed by all types of trains there and asked dad to buy for me. But we don’t have the money yet; I tell myself that when I finally had a career, I will buy all types of trains and collect it. I become a cheap London escort, and eventually, I can pay everything I like especially all kinds of trains and collects real miniature toy model. Cheap London escorts are more than just beautiful women they have loves and interests.